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    • PHARMACY Management Software
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    • Pixels pharmacy EPOS is simple and straight forward software to manage a medical store or pharmacy. Along with many common features to complete a transaction, it also helps to find expired items automatically which ultimately save time and money. This EPOS helps to maintain customers records like payment history and items purchased which benefits in the long run. Our pharmacy EPOS contains a good reporting system to probe the success of your business.
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  • PixelsFirst pos Solution provides complete state of the art solution for all the retail businesses including Convenience Store, Supermarket, News Agent, Jewellery business, Liquor shop, Pharmacy, Electronic shop and many more. Pixels first pos’s retail solution is very powerful yet easy to use EPOS solution.

Key Features:

Easy to operate: Very easy to operate and understand the software, you don’t need to be computer literate or highly educated to operate our EPOS software.

  • An Obvious Barcode Scanning feature
  • Multiple Barcode & Multiple Supplier
  • Staff Management
  • Product and stock management
  • Sales and Product reports
  • Produce the barcode for non barcode products.
  • Shelf Edge ticketing with Price & Category
  • Integrated Weighing Scale Solution
  • Integrated Card Payment processing
  • Sales Summery, Z-Report, Sales by employee, VAT Summery, Fast Sale Function, PayPoint, PayZone, Lottery, PayOuts, Banking etc
  • On-screen sales refund, Product Search, Reprint last receipt etc
  • No Software License renewal fees like others
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