As we all know, human brain has attained unmatched capabilities through millions of years of evolution. Our brain is the most complex machine we can ever think of. Some times, it can perform things we cannot imagine in our normal lives. One such magic of human brain is reading the mind of others. Have you ever wondered that your mind can read others thoughts? You must have seen magic shows where the magician performs things your common sense does not believe to be true. What do you do in such unbelievable situations? Yes, you say to yourself “Well! its just a trick!”.

The funny thing is, MindSync claims to read your mind. You select one card out of six and keep it in mind. MindSync tells you which card you selected even if you are thousands of kilometres away. How does MindSync know it? Does it synchronise with your mind? Does it use advanced quantum entanglement? Has the technology advanced so much? or is it just a trick? Play around with MindSync to know the answer for yourself.

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  • PixelsFirst pos Solution provides complete state of the art solution for all the retail businesses including Convenience Store, Supermarket, News Agent, Jewellery business, Liquor shop, Pharmacy, Electronic shop and many more. Pixels first pos’s retail solution is very powerful yet easy to use EPOS solution.

Key Features:

Easy to operate: Very easy to operate and understand the software, you don’t need to be computer literate or highly educated to operate our EPOS software.

  • An Obvious Barcode Scanning feature
  • Multiple Barcode & Multiple Supplier
  • Staff Management
  • Product and stock management
  • Sales and Product reports
  • Produce the barcode for non barcode products.
  • Shelf Edge ticketing with Price & Category
  • Integrated Weighing Scale Solution
  • Integrated Card Payment processing
  • Sales Summery, Z-Report, Sales by employee, VAT Summery, Fast Sale Function, PayPoint, PayZone, Lottery, PayOuts, Banking etc
  • On-screen sales refund, Product Search, Reprint last receipt etc
  • No Software License renewal fees like others
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